Qinghai Lake

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Xiannvwan Area


Xiannvwan is located on the north of Qinghai Lake, and here are many kinds of animals and plants; wetland landscapes have unique features, especially habitats for the dozens of species of birds to migrate.

Picture shot by Pi Guoqing

   Some historical documents record and some poem can prove that: "Yaochi"------West Wangmu opens the windows and looks down the hills, but there rings bursts of elegy churning the earth. She carefully listens to find that it's "Song of Whangee" created by Mutianzi. Although Mutianzi has 8 coursers which can ride 30,000m every day, he can never go to Yaochi to meet West Wangmu. Affection between Mutianzi and West Wangmu is very deep, and the poem tells us that West Wangmu cannot wait for her beloved's coming, and now the incarnations of these swan fairies fly here every year and demonstrate to people. Under the blue sky, fairies stop here and inhabit, their purity and nobleness add some spirituality to Qinghai Lake in winter, which forms a beautiful scenery.

   "Xiannvwan" is famous for this. Here is a tale in friends: when 6th Dalai Lama passed Qinghai Lake, he was attracted by the transparent lake, seemed hearing shouting from God, so he entered the sea on the waves. At that time, Xiannvwan suddenly appeared manitou, fairies played the lute, cranes flied in group, and then the 6th Dalai Lama appeared, so it was said that he went towards the Heaven to the fairyland with fairies. It can be seen that Xiannvwan has unlimited charm, so Xiannvwan is very famous.

   From June to October every year, wetland of Xiannvwan in different seasons has diverse flowers with different colors------red and yellow, which presents in front of you just like a carpet knitted by nature, so it is really called "the sea of flowers". At the same time, the deep religious culture and history tales here guide the local religious believers to burn incense and offer sacrifices to the sea on lucky days every year.