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Bird Watching Tour season of 2014 Bird Island in Qinghai Lake officially started

 May 4, Bird Watching Tour season of 2014 Bird Island in Qinghai Lake officially started,which is hosted by Qinghai Lake scenic spots administration and Qinghai Forestry Department and themed as "close to nature, care for the birds" . Hundreds of  visitors on the first train trip to Bird Island attended the ceremony, signed their names and propose "protect wild animals and plants, construct the beautiful Qinghai Lake with birds’ twitter and fragrance of flowers" environmental protection activities, and participated in the specialist seminar themed as "love wildlife, protect beautiful homeland" .

      Bird Watching Tour season of  Bird Island this season lasted two months.During this time, several activities will be carried out,namely : Bird Watching in the Bird Island, Qinghai 33rd bird-loving Week,Caring Przewalski’s gazelle, 2014 First • Qinghai Lake "Fierce Dragon Cup" wildlife photography competition,Qinghai Lake sketches from the nature in the eyes of the young Qinghai Chinese reporter , train trips to Bird Island and other activities. By organizing these activities, we can further excavate and cultivate the natural tourism, eco-tourism experience and science education tourism products,show the natural beauty of Qinghai Lake, ecological beauty, cultural beauty in all-round and on multi-angles, echoed the voice with Qinghai Lake International Sculpture and Land Art tour season held in this year and Qinghai Lake Sea Sacrificial cultural experience’s tourism season activities,supplementing each other, together promoted the cultural tourism of scenic spots integrative developing , speed up the construction of "Cultural Qinghai Lake", and promote rapid and healthy development of the tourism scenic spots.