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Take Train to See Swans on Qinghai Lake Every Saturday

 On 24th November, the activity "Take Train to See Swans " jointly hosted by protection and utilization administration bureau of Qinghai Lake scenic spots, Qinghai Lake travel group Co., Ltd., and Xihai Metropolitan Newspaper hotly starts, which shows that rich and varied winter travel activity of Qinghai Lake starts.
   Bird Island scenic spot becomes the happy world of children on 24th November. They look for eggshells in the hassock, carefully distinguish every plant near Bird Island, and breathlessly see the numen beside Qinghai Lake like swans. Here also brings much joy to adults. Every year swans fly from habitats to Garila, and Quanwan of Qinghai Lake to stay one after another. In order not to alarm swans, clothes colors of staff beside Qinghai Lake are always safety colors: blue and gray. Looking at lustration and quietness of Bird Island, everyone takes many photos but not leaves any rubbish on that day.
   Chen Dehui, the associate investigator of travel management department of protection and utilization administration bureau of Qinghai Lake scenic spots introduced that in 2012 the number of tourists received by Qinghai Lake is more than million persons, and Qinghai Lake has become the domestic famous scenic spots. However, winter is the slack season for travel, which becomes short slab of travel to Qinghai Lake. It's all known that, Qinghai Lake in winter is so cold that there is no any scenery. The wrong acknowledge obstructs the steps for people to Qinghai Lake in winter. Qinghai Lake scenic spots and Xihai Metropolitan Newspaper host a series of travel projects in winter, and hope everyone can change previous view about Qinghai Lake and see the different winter of more than 10,000 birds soaring in Qinghai Lake by propaganda of mighty media. The activity "Take Train to See Swans" opens a good beginning, and many persons apply, apart from over 30 tourists participated the first group, so still over 20 people cannot participate because of quota limitation. Therefore, every Saturday from now on Qinghai Lake will host the activity "Take Train to See Swans ".