Qinghai Lake


One-day Tour

Self-driving Erlang Sword Jinyintan Yuanzicheng

In the morning, leave Xining for Yuan County of Dahuang called Dangaerchengqingjiaqing in ancient times. In Daoguang period, here was crowded by businessmen, 8 foreign firms, so it was called "little Beijing". And then arrives in RiYue Mountain with the height of 3520 meters which is famous for the heritage stone of "tangfan boundary marker" and princess Wencheng temple constructed of princess Wencheng entering Tibet in legendary. And go ahead to Daotang River which is formed by tears of princess Wencheng in legendary, but actually it's formed by diastrophism and topography of high east and low west. Then get to the destination------Erlang Sword , because it's lunch time, have lunch first and then travel the lake, travel about 2-3 hours, and then take boat costing 50-100 yuan. After travel, reach the next destination-----prairie of Jinyintan, Wang Luobin, the king singer in west created the famous song "In the Distant Place" here in that year. If you have abundant time, you can experience the pleasure of sand sliding on the way to east road around the lake of Jinyintan. And then, can visit Yuanzicheng which is the place of tritura and production and blasting of our first atom bomb, so lots of tourists especially come here to see the spectacular situation. Eventually, return to Xining along Huangyan County.

  • First Day

    Transportation: Xining50kmHuangyuan County38kmRiyue Mountain12kmDaotang River50kmErlang Sword76kmJinyintan, Yuanzicheng56kmHuangyuan County50kmXining

    Entrance ticket: entrance ticket of Erlang Sword in busy season: 100 yuan/person(15th April-15th October);entrance ticket in slack season: 50 yuan/person(16th October-14th October of next year)

    Meal: can have lunch in Erlang Sword.

Two-day Tour

Horse Riding, Lake Water, Bird Appreciation

Two days in Qinghai Lake will not lead to be hurry on journey. One night in Heima River, see the sunrise beside the lake in the morning, on the second day return to Xining after visiting Bird Island, ride horse in Jinyintan on the return way.

  • First Day

    Start from Xining, see beautiful scenery of Qinghai Lake in Erlang Sword scenic spot, finally reach Heima River and live here that night.

    Xining to Erlang Sword: take nonstop in Bayi bus terminal of Xining, 136km, 2.5 hours.
    Erlang Sword to Heima River: can take regular bus to Bird Island, about 2 hours to Heima River.

    Entrance ticket:: entrance ticket fee in busy sea of Erlang Sword scenic spot: 100 yuan/person(15th April-15th October); entrance ticket in slack season: 50 yuan/person(16th October- 14th October of next year)

    Lodgment: tourists dak of Heima River: over 200 yuan/night in busy season, within 100 yuan/night in slack season。

    Meal: can have lunch in Erlang Sword, have dinner in Heima River, fee: 20 yuan-100 yuan/person.

  • Second Day

    See the sunrise in the morning, and then reach Bird Island to watch birds, after watching birds return to Xining through Xihai town, Jinyintan

    The way from Heima River to Bird Island is praised as the most beautiful way with diverse sceneries in different seasons. In May, wild flowers bloom, a flock of birds fly; in August, 10,000 mous of rape flowers bloom beside of the lake; in October, Heima River comes back to peace, Qinghai Lake presents the simplest beauty. Apart from those, Autumn is the best season to see sunrise, and Heima River on the west of Qinghai Lake is one of the best places to see sunrise of Qinghai Lake.

    Heima River to Bird Island: can charter a vehicle and take the regular bus from Xining to Bird Island, fee of chartering a vehicle is about 300 yuan
    Bird Island to Xining: first take a taxi to 315 line, and then take a regular bus from Tianjun County to Xining, or take the regular bus from Bird Island to GangCa County, and from Gangca County to Xining.

    Entrance ticket: entrance ticket fee in busy season of Bird Island scenic spot: 100 yuan/person(20th April-20th August); entrance ticket fee in slack season: 50 yuan/person(21st August-19th April of the next year).

Bike Tour Around The Lake


Qinghai Lake is the dreamy place for a lot of riders, and July and August are the best seasons to ride around the lake. Every year bicycle race around the lake attracts lots of people, and Qinghai Lake is the heaven for those who love bicycling. The whole circle of the lake is 350 km.

  • First Day
    • Xining
    • Xihai Town
    • East Road around the Lake
    • Jinshawan
    • Breeding Sheep Field on the East of the Lake
    • Qinghai lake fishery
    • National Highway G109
    • Erlang Sword

    Xihai town is the best starting point of riding, and you can bring a bike by yourself or rent a local bike. You can better feel the religion culture of Qinghai Lake from Xihai town crosswise around the lake. East road around the lake will cross the mountain, and there are many hilly areas but it’s not too difficult. On the sandbeaches of Jinshawan, you can see wild animal-procapra przewalskii(Chinese diagonal Antelope) in severe danger. Ride 20 km to the west along national highway 109, and reach Erlang Sword.

    Xining to Xihai Town: take a nonstop in the long-distance bus station of Xining in Jianguo road, 106 km, about 2 hours, 20 yuan for the ticket.
    Xihai Town to Erlang Sword: 76 km, 4-6 hours’ riding time, please pay attention to control the time.

    Entrance ticket: entrance ticket in busy season of Erlang Sword scenic spot: 100 yuan/person (15th April - 15th October); entrance ticket in slack season: 50 yuan/person (16th October- 14th October of the next year). Lodgment: can live in the camp hotels in Erlang Sword at night (or ride 24 km to live in Jiangxigou hotels, but the scenery and eating and living conditions are better than in Jiangxigou).

  • Second Day
    • Erlang Sword
    • Jiangxigou
    • Heima River
    • Shinaigai
    • Bird Island Town

    There are many upgrades on the front 9 km from the west road around the lake of Heima River, and the latter road situation is better because there are mainly downgrades and flat roads. There is a steep slope about 2 km on the place of 32 km. You can have lunch in Heima River, and there is a long upgrade near Heima River, after crossing downgrade you will reach Heima River; leave Heima River, and turn right to the west road around the lake, and there is the best scenery and some places where you can touch Qinghai Lake.

    Transportation: Erlang Sword to Bird Island : 122 km, about 6-10 hours’ riding time. It’s the longest journey in four days, so if you feel limp, you can take the passing car which will stop generally.

    Lodgment: Bird Island Hotel of Qinghai Lake: 380 yuan in busy season, 120 yuan in slack season.

  • Third Day
    • Bird Island Town
    • Bird Island
    • Qingzang Railway
    • Quanjiy
    • Gangca Count

    Wake up early in the morning to watch all birds of Bird Island in short range. Travel public road especial for Bird Island is generally no upgrades or downgrades, and the road situation is very well. Along the west road around the lake ride about 23 km to the north, cross Qingzang railway along the national highway 315 and ride east 40 km, and then reach Gangca County, and live in Gangca County at night.

    Transportation: Bird Island town to Gangca county: 65 km, about 3-5 hours’ riding time.

    Entrance ticket: entrance ticket in busy season of Bird Island scenic spot: 100 yuan/person (20th April- 20th August); entrance ticket in slack season: 50 yuan/person (21st August - 19th April of the next year).

    Lodgment: there are many places to live in Gangca County, from dozens of yuan to over 100 yuan.

  • Fourth Day
    • Gangca County
    • Haerga
    • Ganzi River
    • Dezhou
    • Xihai Town
    • Xining

    There are 3 long slopes on the entire journey, and about 2 km abrupt slope from Gangca, but downgrade is about 4 km. Pass 20 km out of Haergai, start upgrade 4 km continuously at the place of about 140 km of milestone, and there are many ups and downs on the latter journey. There is a complicated crossing in the intersection of Xihai town, you need to ask the way.

    Gangca county to Xihai town: the whole journey is 87 km, and there are many slopes, about 5-10 hours' riding time.
    Xihai town to Xining: the last regular bus: 5:30, so set off at 8:00am.