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“Mobile House------European House-car Route Travel Beautiful Qinghai Lake” Activity

Qinghai News 23rd-24th July, more than 80 French tourists drive 41 European house-car and arrive in Erlang Sword scenic spot of Qinghai Lake, which poses a major sensation, and the faddish as well as novel European house-car attract a lot of tourists. This is the first structured and large-scaled self-driving house-car international travel group of Qinghai Lake scenic spots, which indicates that relied on greatly beautiful natural sceneries there are a new travel experiencing means------ house-car travel other than travel projects of self-driving, bicycling, hiking, camping and so on of Qinghai Lake scenic spots.
   The activity “2012 Paris-Beijing-Paris European House-car Silk Road Line” hosted by French house-car holiday camp association and France China Comfort Travel starts from Paris of France, passes Germany, Berlin, Lithuania, Russia, Mongolia, Beijing, Pingyao of Shanxi, Henan, Xi'an, Lanzhou, Xining, Yanzhangye, Jiayuguan, Dunhuang, and then leaves Xinjiang for Europe. The entire journey is 30,000 kilometers, 90 days, and the average age is 62 years old. This aims to enjoy the scenery on the way, and publicize the travel way of self-driving travel and camping outdoors.
   “Mobile House------European House-car Route Travel Beautiful Qinghai Lake” activity is led by provincial travel bureau, Qinghai Lake scenic spots administration and Xining city government to let the international travel group experience the charm of the summer resort capital of China and natural scenery of dreamy Qinghai Lake. Qinghai Lake scenic spots are one important station of the whole journey in Qinghai, which indicates Qinghai Lake scenic spots are of great importance in the hearts of French tourists.
   Qinghai Lake scenic spots regard this activity as a chance of international marketing, and do the best to do reception work to offer ideal camp sites and insure water and electricity for house-car group.French tourists are so imbued with interests in Qinghai Lake that they constantly know the basic situation of Qinghai Lake, appreciate the beautiful scenery of Qinghai Lake on camp sites and cosily enjoy the pleasure from house-car travel. Some members show the inner structure of the house-car with sophisticated design and fully equipped living facilities for curious tourists surrounding those cars which draws continuous praise.......
   Mr. Gude, chairman of French house-car holiday camp association said Qinghai Lake is very beautiful, and the natural ecological environment is protected very well; he feels there is great prospect for developing house-car travel of Qinghai Lake when he sees Qinghai Lake all the way. In future, he will organize house-car travel groups to Qinghai Lake, and maybe travel around the lake. He will compile and print the classic routes and the pictures of beautiful sceneries, and distribute them to 120,000 associators to amplify the publicity effect via mouth advertising. He also suggests there should construct worldwide prevalent automobile camp sites and holiday resorts on the districts around Qinghai Lake.