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Kunlun jade


Kunlun jade

It is also named as the Qinghai Jade that belong to nephrite. Producing area is a part of Qinghai province which is at the eastern edge of the Kunlun Mountains, and toward the west Ruoqiang territory about 300 kilometers. This kind of jade has a closely geological structure background relationship between Hetian jade which produced in places as Qie Mo and Ruoqiang.

The material combination, occurrence and structures features of Qinghai nephrite and Hetian jade are basically the same. But in terms of output characteristics, structures and physically properties are different from Hetian jade.

From about 4.5 billion years ago, with the appearance of gneiss, slate and granite gneissic Archean strata ,Asian wrinkled, metamorphosed and fractured to Himalayan movement and formed Cenozoic. The interior part of the earth have undergone generations changes, resulting in a variety of different types of stone. According to contemporary scientific investigation, the violent geological tectonics of Himalayan orogeny are unique in the world. Intersection of Kunlun Mountains and the Himalayas is the meeting point of two tectonic plates. With constant movement and impact, under the joint action of huge squeeze forces between plates and underground magma, a magical mineral structure created, and that is the wonderful, unique Kunlun jade.

The hardness of Kunlun jade is slightly lower than the emerald, it is called "nephrite" . Jade is called "jadeite." When the main component of jade is tremolite, called tremolite. Studies have shown that the main mineral composition of the Kunlun jade is tremolite, content is generally above 95%. It is the unique one in the world among the founded nephrite.

The material combination, occurrence and structures features of Kunlun and Hetian jade are basically the same, they can be described as nature's twin compatriots. Some Kunlun jade are the top if they are crystal, innocent and clear without cracks and impurities, even over Hetian jade.