Qinghai Lake


Erlang sword has built many organized scenic view areas for bird and deer watching, and the bridge or pavilion for viewing sea, the "Lucky four Swiss" of Pier Plaza sculpture is a combination of the recreation area.

Sand Island is located in the northeast of Qinghai Lake, the territory of HaiYan County. It is the largest island in the lake, about 13 kilometers, the widest point is 2.8 kilometers, with an area of 18.00 square kilometers.

Bird Island is located in the northwest area of Qinghai Lake, with an area of 0.8k㎡. On 500 meters long and 150 meters wide bird island, there are almost about thousands of migratory birds habitat, so called the "bird kingdom."

Small Lake Wetland Park is located at the east bank of Qinghai Lake, the north is near the desert, with an area about 3600 acres, it is the first national level habitat area for black-necked cranes.

The meaning is worship the God of the lake, and pay respect to the father of the heaven and the mother of the Earth, blessing all creatures sustainable and people's lives well-being.

Qinghai Lake is like a ink blue silk, quietly covering the plateau. Nearby, the lake and the horizon dark clouds totally connected together,so you can’t see marginal. Groups of cotton-like clouds suspending over the lake with motionless……

there are 245 kinds of vertebrates records belonging to five classes, 24 orders, 52 families, 141 genera. Including eight kinds of fish, two kinds of amphibian, three kinds of reptile, 191 kinds of bird, 41 kinds of mammal.