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Future development goals of Qinghai Lake

(First) The overall object

     Based on the analysis of judgment about trends of development and competitive potential of Qinghai Lake area which regarded as Highland Lake eco-tourism destination in world ; drawing on the experience of domestic and foreign tourism development as well as lakes tourism development and construction in the places of world heritage, combined the international needs of nature tourism and eco-tourism trend, the overall tourism develop objectives of Qinghai Lake include: in planning, regarding the scientific concept of development as guide, regarding the protection of the natural landscape and regional culture as a precondition, resources, markets, products and industry interact with each other to enhance the visibility of Qinghai Lake as the important international wetlands, declaring itself as World Natural Heritage, innovating the ideas of creative tourism industry development, building a highland lake as ecological tourism destination with the function of international characteristics, distinctive sightseeing, cultural experiences, outdoor sports and ecological leisure, promoting the well and fast development of   Qinghai lake, to contribute to build a prosperous, civilized and harmonious new Qinghai.

(Second) economic goals

     Around the overall goal, the industry focus of Qinghai Lake should change to tourism as the leading strategic form, in order to maximize the function of Qinghai tourism industry in the system of the socio-economic system in Qinghai Lake and Qinghai tourism economic system to achieve "wealthy Qinghai Lake ":

(Third) social objectives

     The development of Qinghai Lake should consider the farmers and herdsmen every generation who living in there first, and making them to become the biggest beneficiaries of development to build a "harmonious Qinghai Lake."

(Fourth) ecological objectives

     Tourism is a part of environment-friendly industry, good ecological environment can attract tourists, on the contrary, it will be abandoned by tourists. However, in practical process of tourism development, the situation of ecological environment destruction often encountered, mostly because of irrational planning. Therefore, the development of Qinghai Lake tourism should reach

     The following goals at least to create "eco Qinghai Lake."

(Fifth) cultural objectives

     The Qinghai Lake should excavates and develops the traditional culture and historical culture by  local residents through tourism to promote the protection and inheritance of culture, and showing the "culture of Qinghai Lake."