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The legend of gymnocypris przewalskii

 About gymnocypris przewalskii in Qinghai Lake have such a magical and beautiful legend: there lived a kind of creature in Qinghai Lake long time ago, called Dongzhe (in Zang language for evil , monster and the devil incarnate) known as the exemplification of devil in the local indigenous peoples, It relied on the lake for survive with great size, ugly appearance, four legs. they climbed out of the lake to devour surrounding livestock of herders. Local herders were distressed for no methods to deal with it. Later, when the mother of heaven patrolled the Parade in the West Sea, saw gymnocypris przewalskii doing bad things and destroying livestock. Local herders living in misery, sent Erlang go crusade. So she sent Erlang(one god in heaven) to solve the problem for the herders.

Erlang saw the sins caused by gymnocypris przewalskii after he reached Qinghai Lake, so they fought with each other many rounds, finally Erlang inserted his sword into the mind of it, and then it surrendered to him. Erlang did not kill it for his virtue, but let it heart-searched in the lake. He left his sword in its mind to punish him with suffering ,if do bad things again. But do a good things every would reduce the degree of suffering. Later gymnocypris przewalskii never did bad things, it continued to do good things for herders to make up for its past sins.

Later, the mother of heaven never found the sins caused by gymnocypris przewalskii, and it respected by the local herders for his good behaviors, when she patrolled the Parade in the West Sea again. So she gave a yellow jacket as a reward to it, and she use her super powers to help it become thinner. In the future, the yellow jacket and sword became one part of its body, and four legs gradually disappeared. So it was loved by local herders for small and cute. So it was named  Huang fish, latter named gymnocypris przewalskii. Another legend : fish lived in ancient  Qinghai Lake without name, and the only emperor went to Qinghai was Yang emperor in Sui dynasty(who was the second emperor of Sui dynasty), because he wanted to eat seafood during the period of visiting. But the seafood can’t find in vast grasslands, so the local noble accompanied him used fish in Qinghai Lake to fete him. After tasting , Yang felt very happy for the fresh fish, and he asked name of the fish. But the noble told that no one knows the name, because local people respected Tibetan Buddhism and never eat fish. The emperor immediately said that I was the emperor who first ate it. I gave it a name,called Huang fish,  in order to distinguish the Huang in Emperor from Huang in Huang fish, it is necessary to change the spelling of Huang. Huang fish is the only one among all the fish was named by emperor