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To Pay Tribute to the 65 Anniversary of the Birth for Our Motherland, Scenic Spots of Qinghai Lake Continue the Gorgeous Chapter

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To celebrate the 65 anniversary of the new China’s foundation, eulogize the new achievements of the province-direct organizations’ constructions after reform and opening-up and the 18th CPC National Congress, and actively push forward the organizations’ cultural construction and spiritual civilization construction, the working committee of the province-direct organizations organize the staff theatrical performances------struggle to build “3 Districts” and realize China dreams. Qinghai Lake art troupe carefully choreographs programs which give prominence to the features of the departments, units and industries in work time and in extra work time. 25 performers of Qinghai Lake art group perform the men and women dance “In That Distant Place” and song accompanyed with dance “Harmonious Country Beautiful Home” with other 63 units. The dance “In That Distant Place” get the first grade in all of the dance performances, and give full play to the bureau organizations’ cultural characteristic and spiritual outlook.