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Scenic Spots of Qinghai Lake is Awarded “One of China’s Ten Tour Scenic Spots

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In the theme forum of the sustainable development of the ecological civilization and tourism as well as in the selecting activity of global ten ecological tour destinations and China ten ecological tour scenic spots, because of its pure, unique and absolutely beautiful natural views, Qinghaii Lake is awarded “One of China’s Ten Tour Scenic Spots” with other nine domestic famous scenic spots, such as Jiuzhaigou of Sichuan, Changbaishan of Jilin, Qiandaohu of Zhejiang, Namucuo of Tibet, Pudacuo National Park of Xianggelila in Yunnan, Fanjingshan of Guizhou, Shennongjia of Hubei and so forth.

   This selecting activity is selected by e-friends and tour experts from start to finish, hosted by professional institutions, and graded via strict standards of the green ecological tour scenic spots industry. Finally, through internet selecting, this activity selects “Global Ten Ecological Tour Destinations” and “China Ten Ecological Tour Scenic Spots”, including many worldwide famous ecological tour destinations and domestic famous ecological tour scenic spots. And according to the comprehensive selection through online voting, online tour websites subscription data, and experts’ evaluation, ultimately the activity selects “Global Ten Ecological Tour Destinations” and “China Ten Ecological Tour Scenic Spots”.

   Qinghai Lake scenic spot is on the list, which will be propitious to promote its popularity and influence at home and abroad, moreover, make its natural views be the most pure, most saintly, most originally ecological tourist resort in the hearts of e-friends and tourists.