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The First China Business School’s Race Around Qinghai Lake Begins

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On 24th July, under preparation of sponsor of the Qinghai province government, protection and utilization administration bureau of Qinghai Lake scenic spots, and the staff of around the lake race organization committee, the opening ceremony of the first China business school’s race is held on the sports training base of Qinghai province Duoba national plateau which is praised as the cradle of world champions and gold factory. The lead guests: the assistant secretary general of Qinghai province government and director of Qinghai Lake scenic spots administration bureau - Yao Haiyu, the assistant director of sports administration of Qinghai province - Yang Pei, the assistant director of Qinghai Lake scenic spots administration - Ha Chengke, the general manager of Qinghai Lake Tourism Group Company - Zhang Haisheng, the senior travel expert and vice chairman of the international travel investment association - Liu Feng, the vice president of Peking University Science Park - Wang Guocheng, the chairman of Beijing Davost Tourism & Cultural Creativity Co., Ltd. - Shu Ying, the general manager of Beijing Jingluntaihe Assets Management Limited Company, the person in charge of Beijing Yixing Outdoor Travel Studio and so on participate the opening ceremony with about 200 players from over 10 domestic famous business schools, such as: Peking University, Tsinghua University, China & Europe International Business School, Tongji University, Central University of Finance and Economics, Beijing International Studies University, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, Nankai University, Beihang University and so on.
   Under the background of the vibrant opening music, the opening ceremony officially starts. All teams participating in the competition appear and shout typical slogans, such as: Tongji University - University of Texas(EMBA) “Worldwide elites gather together in Qinghai”“Help each other and move forward”, China & Europe International Business School “CEIBS run around the lake and never forget”, Guanghua School of Management of Peking University “Beautiful Qinghai blooms brilliance-Guanghua School of Management”, Beijing International Studies University “BISU. BISU: naughty and cute; BISU. BISU: run the most fast”, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications “Beautiful Qinghai, supermen come back, BUPT. BUPT, save the earth” and so on. Those slogans make players attended more enthusiastic, and push the opening ceremony to the climax.
    The assistant secretary general of Qinghai province government and director of Qinghai Lake scenic spots administration bureau - Yao Haiyu gives a speech for the opening ceremony, and hopes to deliver low-carbon and healthily as well as ecologically environmental protection concept, challenge the extreme and oneself, and deeply appreciate the beautiful Qinghai and the beauty of China’s most beautiful lake via this activity. What’s moreover, he hopes to build a platform of peace and win-win through the elite group of business school.
   “China Business School runs around Qinghai Lake”, namely “run around lake” is a high-end event jointly launched by protection and utilization administration bureau of Qinghai Lake scenic spots of Qinghai province, Beijing Yixing Outdoor Travel Studio, Beijing Davost Tourism & Cultural Creativity Co., Ltd., and Beijing Jingluntaihe Assets Management Limited Company, and sponsored from start to end by Angssuto pure water. This event divides into 3 sections: Erlang Sword, Bird Island, and Sand Island, and the whole route is about 40 kilometers, and the event schedule is 3 days. The route is mainly dune, highland meadow and country dirt road. Every stage sets up two drinking water supply points on the way, which are set up on the place of 5 kilometers and 10 kilometers, and volunteers distribute the drinking water. The destination of competition stage sets up one medical emergency vehicle and some oxygen equipment. There are removable medical emergency group, emergency team with first-aid medicine and equipment between every stage band to follow closely the athletes’ physical condition all the time as well as process the emergency as soon as possible.
   This event is a experimental cross-country running race organized and implemented by student group of EMBA and MBA of domestic top business schools. Players in one unit of college through cross-country running cross dunes, meadows and country roads with different road conditions, and diverse views and environments around Qinghai Lake and deeply experience and realize the concept of unity, mutual help, health, and environmental protection. It’s the most important that all staff want to spread the natural resources around Qinghai Lake via marketing method of sports event, excavate the features of Qinghai Lake by forums and wonderful activities during this event, advocate more people to pay close attention to environmental protection career of Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, and jointly make the yearly sporting event of business school and characteristic event activity of Qinghai Lake.