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Live-action Drama “Saintly Qinghai Lake” Stages Fully-dress

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Qinghai Lake in July blooms extremely bright landscape, and also releases mysterious culture contained for a long time, which bring domestic and foreign tourists an audio-visual feast through ancient and modern times. On 22nd July, oppera “saintly Qinghai Lake” reflecting the subject of folk culture of highland god lake is breathtakingly displayed on the stage with green water and blue sky. This is one of ways to push cultural performing arts programs forward into Qinghai Lake scenic spots, accelerate confluction between culture and tour as well as promote development quality of scenic spots, and also the first live-action of scenic spots held by our province until now.
   This year, protection and utilization administration bureau of Qinghai Lake scenic spots further increases the brand construction of “Cultural Qinghai Lake” and successively launches the theme activities of “International Sculpture and Land Art Tour Season of Qinghai Lake”, “Cultural Tour Season of Qinghai Lake” and so forth so as to deeply excavate characteristic resources, accelerate the fusion development of the industries: tour, culture, sport and so on, and create the tour products of combination of water, land and air as well as related industries of Qinghai Lake like cultural tour, leisure tour, hiking adventure tour, bike tour. Such diverse tour projects will enhance equality of the scenic spots.
   The oppera “Saintly Qinghai Lake” derived from the background of folk history and myth tales of Qinghai Lake, is jointly compiled by folk customs experts, professional art staff and song & dance troupe of scenic spots. The whole oppera divides into 5 sections: ancient calling, holy lake sacrificing, western sea happy singing and so forth. Regarding “Green Sea” as the theme music rhythm, adopting the means of colorful songs and dances to directly present majesty and sanctity of Qinghai Lake, demonstrate local conditions and customs by the side of Qinghai Lake and non-material cultural heritage of sacrificing the sea, and convey the beautiful wish of harmony between man and nature. Presentation of this oppera pulls the curtain of “Cultural Tour Season of Qinghai Lake” this year, and then realize the normalized performance.