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“ Preferential Month of Qinghai people’s tour of Qinghai Lake "starts today

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2014 Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day holiday season coming, to implement the spirit,"some  comments of State Council on promoting the reforming and development of tourism," feedbacking the love and support of the community in return for the Qinghai Lake, further implementing the mass line of educational practices, showing the scenic image and the achievement of development, and promoting the further development of scenic spots, the scenic of Qinghai Lake decided to launch the " Qinghai people’s tour of Qinghai Lake" as the theme of the series of promotions from September 1 to 30 in 2014. As follows:
First, for the individual tour
       (A)Qinghai people’s tour of Qinghai Lake
       Local residents of holding ID cards visiting any Qinghai Lake scenic spots could buy  half-price tickets ,namely: Er-lang sword scenic spots for 50 yuan / person, Bird Island area tickets for 60 yuan / person, Milton scenic for 35 yuan / person, Fairy Bay scenic for 30 yuan / person.
       (Two) college students visit “holy lakes”
      On the occasion of the opening of Qinghai universities ,the senic spots implement the "college students' tour of holy lakes”. Activities through passenger traveling by train or direct passenger car as the main way, students holding ID, freshmen by reports on relevant procedures or acceptance letter, visit scenic spots freely.
       (Three) take a train trip to Bird Island (Sand Island) 
Who participate in the train tour of Bird Island (Sand Island)  can enjoy half-price of the Qinghai Lake Bird Island and Sand Island attraction’ tickets , namely: Bird Island area tickets for 60 yuan / person, Milton scenic 35 yuan / person.
       (Four) online activities to grab votes
Reservation cooperating with trip, to carry out "Qinghai Lake Scenic Spots snapped activity" on its Website, successful subscribers can enjoy  Sand Island and Bird Island area tickets half-price.,namely: Bird Island area tickets 60 yuan / person,  Sand Island 35 yuan / person.
Second, the group reservation measures:
      (A)Travel group of the travel agency traveling the Er-lang Sword and Bird Island scenic spots , with effective procedures,  can enjoy 50% discount price of Bird Island hotel with the accommodation agreement.
       (Two)Travel groups visiting Er-lang sword, Bird Island, Sand Island, and fairy Bay area while enjoying agreement price, and then can enjoy preferential policy: 16 free 1.

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