Qinghai Lake

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time bigger than Tai lake. The east and west of the lake surface are long and south as well north are narrow, so the surface is like ellipse. The water in Qinghai Lake is over 21m in average depth, the deepest water is 32.8m, the number of impoundment is 105 billion cubic meters, and the height of its surface is 3,260m which is higher than two East Mountain Mount Taishan.

The main natural sceneries of Qinghai Lake area: Qinghai Lake, Bird Island, Haixin Mountain, Sand Island, Sankuaishi, Erlang Sword; the main sceneries of landscape grassland area of the lake side: Riyue Mountain, Daotang River, Xiaobei Lake, Buha River, Yueya Lake, Hot Spring, Cuoda Lake, Xiageer Mountain, Baohututingquan, Jinyintan Prairie and so on.

Qinghai Lake can be called Ch'ing Hai, Tsing Hai or Qing Hai Hu,or Blue Lake in English.

Qinghai Lake has been chosen as Chinese biggest lagoon and inland lake of World Record Association. Qinghai Lake has many “most” in China, and it’s the national scenic spot with 5A; Qinghai Lake is frostbound in December every year, with period of 6 months and half meter in thickness. The depth of lake water is over 21m, the deepest is about 32.8m, poundage is 105 billion cubic meters, and the height is 3,260m. There are 5 small islands, and the biggest one is Haixin Mountain. Bird Island is on the west of the lake, with area of 0.11 square meters, which is the breeding place of over 10 migratory birds like bar-headed goose, larus ichthyaetus, and cormorants, with number over 100,000. Now there builds Bird Island natural protection area, the lake is filled with naked carp of Qinghai Lake, and Binhu Prairie is a natural pasture.

The lake water of Qinghai Lake is derived from surface runoff and hydrometeor. Rivers flowing into Qinghai Lake are over 40, and mainly are Buha River, Bagewulan River, Daotang River and so forth, and Buha River is the biggest one. In ancient times, Qinghai Lake is called west sea, fresh water or fresh sea. “Kukunuoer” in Mongolian can be spelled as Kokenuur, and can be called “cuowenbu” in Tibetan which means green sea and blue sea. Because Qinghai Lake area previously belonged to ley of Beiheqiang, so it is also called Beiheqiang Sea, and it was called fairy sea in Han dynasty. It was changed as Qinghai in the Northern Wei Dynasty

Qinghai Lake is on the northeast of plateau and surrounded by alps. Its north is the imposing Datong mountain, east is the grand Riyue Mountain, south is the stretching South Mountain of Qinghai, and west is the magnificent Xiangpi Mountain. Qinghai Lake is about 200km far away from Xining, and there are nearly 30 big and small rivers. On the east of the lake, there are 2 son lakes: Ga Sea, 48 square kilometers, lagoon; Er Sea, 8 square kilometers, fresh water lake. Look out on the side of Qinghai Lake, you can see the distant green mountains encircling each other; green lake water, wave ripping; green grassland, sheep group like clouds. Around Qinghai Lake is the boundless grassland. With the flat topography, enough water resource, and temperate weather, the lake is a natural pasture with lush grasses. Prairie in summer and autumn is very green just like a blanket. The titian rape flowers emanate fragrance towards wind; tents of herdsmen spread all over the place; herds of cattle and sheep move like clouds.The charming scenery of sunrise and sunset is full of poetic and pictorial splendor, which makes people carefree and happy.

Small Lake wetland of Qinghai Lake, located on the east of Qinghai Lake and on the north of the desert, with the area of over 3,600 mous, is the habitat of black-necked cranes under first-class state protection. Small Lake wetland is formed into a swamp meadow by drop of water level and area reduction of Qinghai Lake. Gurgling springs around the meadow flow into the lake, which forms a beautiful handscroll of painting with pure water, blue sky and green grass.

The length of Qinghai Lake is 105km, width is 63km, and height is 3,196m so it's the biggest inland lake in China and the biggest lagoon; the lake is surrounded by 4 high mountains with height of 3,600-5,000m, which is like 4 high natural barriers closely encircling Qinghai Lake.