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Tibetan food


Butter: butter is made from milk. Boil the milk, until the milk cooling, pour into the butter bucket for processing. Make bucket beat butter,within two hours, intermittently pounding up and down the milk into butter about a thousand times before. (Milk separator can make the butter within one minute), take out the milk , after boiling, precipitated by cementation is triton . Butter and triton can stir and mix fried noodles (namely can be made of tsampa), can also be brewed into buttered tea for drinking.

Tsampa: is the staple food of Tibetan herders. Firstly,fried the highland barley, processing into flour with stone mill. Before eating ,dissolve the butter with tea , then add sugar,fried noodles and triton ,stir by hand, and  shape into a slug (tsampa) for eating.Fried noodles are full of nutriments, taste is better than that of cakes, eat it is simple, anti-hunger, easy to carry, accommodate the nomadic life.

Du Ma: Whether far-off or close neighbors, once entering the counting-house, warm and hospitable host will propose a bowl of  "Du Ma" tea sincerely . "Du Ma" tea is composed of a small amount of fried noodles, butter, and Triton , after drinking tea, stir fried noodles for eating.

  Milky tea: Milky tea is the Tibetan people's daily drink. Pour the tea into the pot boiling, then add milk to drink. Some tea is also added a small amount of salt, while drinking delicious.

 Butter cake: Firstly , mix the flour well,roll into a piece of thin pancake cooking thoroughly, remove and put into a bowl, add butter , triton and sugar while hot, shaping into fied noodles-like, tasting sweet and nutrient-rich.

 Meat rice gruel: Tibetan like eating meat rice gruel.First put Potentilla, rice, diced meat into the pot cooking thoroughly, then add the butter when eating.

Tibetan pastry: After the butter melts, add Triton powder, dried yogurt powder, sugar, raisins, etc., labeled cake, embedded dates, solidified and cut into slices or rounded into small snacks to eat,is the delicacy for entertaining guests on festives and presenting gifts to relatives.

Tibetan sheep-slaughtering habit is to use a rope tying arms , legs and muzzle, tearing blood vessels, allowing blood to flow into the chest, then peeling, opening the chest,picking up blood and internal organs .After slaughtering various ways of eating enema are very flavorful .

Blood sausage: put the balanced amount of suet(cattle, sheep) ,salt, ginger, onions and other condiments, fill the clean small intestine tighten , eating until blood slightly solidifying, it’s delicious and nutrient-rich.

Meatloaf: take cattle, sheep tenderloin and neck meat chopped ,add suet and seasonings , poured into clean large intestine, cook thoroughly to eat.In addition,there are also turning intestines, liver and surface intestines.