Qinghai Lake

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Sand island scenic tour map


Sand island scenic area is an important part of National Scenic Area in Qinghai Lake.It is the largest island in Qinghai Lake, the island is about 20 km and with a width of 3 km, the highest point of the altitude is 3252 meters, about 58 meters above the surface of the lake, it is due to the declining water level of Qinghai Lake and the aeolian sand ridge inside lake year after year.The south is near the Erlang sword scenic spot,the north is relay on Golden Sand Prairie and Atomic City, toward the west is Bird Island . All links with the surrounding well-known scenic spots, it is a tourist pearl on the tourist belt of Qinghai Lake. In the island, freshwater lakes are spread all over, golden and silver sands set each other off, flocks of seabirds, reeds seems like a picture ,the water and sky are of one hue, the all constitute a beautiful,vivid painting. People can appreciate the endless desert oasis of charm, enjoy endless strange of golden and orange sand. Sand island is a set of tourism, sports and entertainment multi-functional scenic spots.

The theme of the annual Qinghai Lake International Sculpture Festival and the Land Art Festival held in June is obvious, with rich content, large scale, high specification, so favored by domestic and foreign tourists. Here you can ride camels and horse-drawn carriage, enjoy the art of sculpture under the blue sky, feel the prairie tents and other western styles, that is really a good feeling in hearts.