Qinghai Lake

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Cattle and Sheep ornaments

Tauren ornaments are selected from the Tibetan yaks and Sheephead which can only find in Tibetan Plateau as the shape of the bone angle. Tauren jewelry with large, full, sharp angle, dual angle symmetrical, good linear , rounded and smooth as the best one. It shows a kind of West spirits of vicissitudes, broad-mind. Sheepshead ornaments with symmetrical double angle, and angle has many bends as the best one. It demonstrates the characters of shyness, gentleness and hospitality. And people can enjoy beauties from the bend angles that can express a sense of charm and melodies seem like a dance or a song. With the continuous development of tourism, the Cattle and sheep ornaments as decorative handiwork have gained more interest and attention from the majority of tourists and consumer market recognition. The processed ornaments include pendant, decoration , lighting and penholder, The forms of craft include inlaying, carving, painting, etc., and with woven backing, decorative plate rack, fur trim and other accessories. It has become one of the most distinctive in Qinghai.