Qinghai Lake

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Bird Island Hotel of Qinghai Lake

Bird Island Hotel of Qinghai Lake is seated in famous national scenic area of Bird Island, whose floor space is over 10,000 square meters and grass and trees in this courtyard are luxuriant and green. The south of the hotel is on the side of Buha River, and the north of it is on the side of the Tibetan Buddhist Temple-Shatuo Temple, and there is just 16 kilometers between the hotel and the famous bird Island of Qinghai Lake. West road around the lake runs-through national highway 109 and 315 so the transportation is very convenient. The superior geographical environment gives the passengers access to ascend a height to overlook Qinghai Lake in the leisure time, walk along the the bank of the Buha River to see the gymnocypris przewalskii and be far away from the uproariousness of the city to experience the peace and beauty of the nature.

The guest room department of Bird Island Hotel has 120 sets of guest rooms, including suite, standard room and low-cost room, and can meet the needs of different guests; there are different size assembly rooms containing 50-100 persons for you to rent; business center provides service of typing, fax, copying and so on; dining hall containing 240 persons to have meals at the same time mainly operates Sichuan cuisine, local flavor dish of Qinghai and Xibei cuisine, and fine cuisine makes you feel unique foods of Qinghai-Tibet Plateau.