Qinghai Lake

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House-car Hotel of Qinghai Lake

Mobile house-car hotel of Qinghai Lake constructed with new environment-friendly building materials, which is impermanent construction can freely drive and move according to travel needs. The open house-car hotel includes 37 international standard removable house-car, and its construction grade and service facilities are in front in and out of China so it equals to five-star hotel. 37 house-cars include 27 standard guest room cars, 4 home-style house-cars, 4 VIP guest room cars, 1 bar-style car, and 1 grill bar car. Close to house-car encampment of Qinghai Lake international poem square, these new and chic, colorfully pastel, elegant and removable house-car with four gears are like jumping notes, and set harmoniously with beautiful sceneries of lakes and mountains and poem square. It is reported that house-car travel has become an internationally popular leisure tour means of low-carbon. Every car of House-car hotel respectively has independent space, flowing landscapes, interfaces and echoes with performance activity square, landscape greening belt, environmental wood plank road and surrounding environment, and combine into the scenery in the scenery matched with highland sapphire.
Food and Drink of Qinghai Lake
   Roast the whole lamb: the production requirements of the roast whole lamb are very strict, must choose half year old-one year old lamb, after butchering, scalding the peel, shedding the hair, pickling and seasoning, put into the oven, seal the mouth, use small fire to roast it until it becomes yellowish red, glossy and shiny, and its skin becomes crispy and meat becomes tender, fat but not greasy, crispy and delicious, which has a distinctive flavor.
   Because around Qinghai Lake are mainly regions inhabited by ethnic groups, diet has nationality feature. Diet is mainly wheaten food(GA patches, ramen) and beef as well as mutton, and qingke wine, milk tea and moslem food can be seen everywhere, and restaurants are mainly nationality flavor. The Han nationality cuisines of Qinghai Lake are mainly Sichuan flavor with heavy flavor. All the towns have many restaurants, but restaurants with feature are few. The main ingredients of Characteristic cuisine are mainly beef and mutton. Characteristic snack can be eaten in Tibetan folk-custom garden of the scenic spots.
   Warm tip: In recent years, because of geological and ecological change and mass rna predation, gymnocypris przewalskii resource is facing the exhaustion danger, and local government has commanded not to catch. At the same time, fishery department has signed the agreement of “Prohibit selling gymnocypris przewalskiis of Qinghai Lake and the products” with cafes and restaurants around the lake. If someone sells gymnocypris przewalskii for you around the lake, it must be illegal to get, and please you pay attention.
   Finger mutton: it’s said that it has nearly one thousand years’ history, and is famous for being eaten by fingers. There are 3 kinds of ways to eat: hot eaten(after slicing steamed on hot dip triad oil), cold eaten(after slicing directly dip salt) and fried eaten(fried hot with pan, and frying and eating ). Its feature is that meat is tasty, not greasy and does not have the ugly smell,and color as well as aroma are both good.
   Shashlik: is the most famous nationality local flavor snack. Tourists from China and other nations to travel in Qinghai Lake all like shashlik. Shashlik is a kind of snacks popular in the whole nation, and can be seen in cities, countries, streets and markets.
   Yoghourt: is taken fresh milk as the raw material, put into a certain proportion of sucrose, and after pasteurization-cooling add into a kind of milk products fostered by pure lactic acid bacteria. Its flavor is sweet and sour creamy, and it has rich nutrition. Its nutritive value is better than fresh milk and mild powder. Yoghourt can be called lapper milk.