Qinghai Lake

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Qinghai Lake Tour Tips

Travel essential items

necessary   Rain gear, towels, toothbrush

Apparel     Lightweight sports shoes or sneakers, casual sportswear

Apparel     Summer, long trousers, sunglasses, sun hats, warm jacket, gloves

Dress up    More than SPF30 sunscreen, moisturizer, lip balm

Drug        Commonly used drugs, motion sickness medicine, Rhodiola, oxygen bag

Digital     Cameras, cell phones, chargers, batteries 



       Qinghai Lake is the best summer tourism season, which is from June to September. *Qinghai highland barley wine is quite intoxicating, two-thirds of their daily drinkers with ordinary wine drinker is appropriate.Tibetan butter tea is not suitable Mainland stomach, can not eat too much.There are local hospitality will again fill up the empty bowl of buttered customs, it is recommended to always keep a bowl buttered two-thirds full, avoid counterclockwise reverse monasteries, stupas, sacred mountains, rubble and Mani prayer wheels and the like;Avoid blowing and yawning in the offerings and butter lamp.Most of the area are mostly desert plateau region by car to be careful driving,Chartered or Hitchhiking, we should try to choose a good condition and Experienced drivers.Recommends the first entered the plateau region, do some measures to prevent altitude sickness.Appropriate to take "Rhodiola" or full drinkIf you feel unwell oxygen inhalation to easeIf the first time to plateau
Do not walk fast or run
Avoid overeating, try not smoking and drinking. 

       In recent years, due to the geological and ecological changes in the Qinghai Lake and plenty of preyresources of Huang fish  are facing the danger of depletionThe local government has banned fishingLocal fishery sector also with the various restaurants around the lake, the hotel signed a agreement about  "ban on the sale of Qinghai Lake Huang fish and their products"If a restaurant, hotel sales Huang fish, be careful mostly counterfeit, to prevent deception, slightly salty waters of Lake Qinghai, not suitable for human consumption, it is recommended that you bring enough daily drinking water and food.  In addition, the Erlang sword Tibetan style garden, you can enjoy delicious Tibetan food, such as blood sausage, lamb chops, roasted barley, etc., for the first time eaters might not adapt.


Safety Tips

       Along Qinghai Lake ,In addition to Erlang sword three-star hotel, car hotel, Milton hotels, Bird Island hotel no better choice can be provided to visitors.

       Qinghai Lake tour also takes note not to stay on the marsh at nightBecause the wolf is likely to occur, if no way must be tied up camp at night,the best couplesThere are not indiscriminate move around in the grasslandsBecause Most of Qinghai Lake wetlands, many places have swampCan not swim in the Qinghai lakeQinghai Lake is a god's lake in TibetanDo not leave garbage and other items; 

       Now,Qinghai Lake scenic attractions are open formal Erlang sword (formerly 151) attractions, Bird Island attractions, Milton attractions and fairies Bay AttractionsThe rest areas, especially in the east coast region of Qinghai Lake seal sand and grass, restore vegetation, do not allow any organization or individual to carry out tourism business activities in eastern shore of Lake QinghaiI hope that visitors to the regular attractions, and jointly safeguard the overall image of Qinghai LakeThose who travel agencies and tourists and other personnel
Unauthorized access to travel or travel alone illegal business district, if there is a dispute and the accident occurred
by travel agents and tourists are responsible for your own risk

       Qinghai Lake is a "gold card" to help Qinghai Province to the world,is qinghai province, China, is also the worldIn the process of tourism developmentthe need to love and care of the whole societyEspecially tourism enterprises and employees to benefit directly from Qinghai Lake More To maintain the reputation of Qinghai Lake,
Enhance brand awareness as their share of responsibility and obligation,Make an effort to Qinghai Lake towards healthy and sustainable development!

I believe that with your participation, Qinghai Lake will be more beautiful! Let us wish Qinghai Lake has an even brighter future

Thank you for your support and cooperation