Qinghai Lake


Trip Mode

Traveling By Car

A combination of liberalization and personalization, flexibility and comfort phase matching, enjoying the fun and spirit to meet the tourist to travel.


"Walks", also called "soft backpack" or "semi-backpack". Walks is a cross between tourism and backpacking trips Offered between, which is characterized by travel agents to solve transportation and accommodation and other sectors, and tour itinerary , catering and other arrange themselves entirely by tourists.

Offered Tour

You just need to understand a tourist destination, all other transactions by the tour guides for you to take care of. In with the group during the tour guide will explain to you the local culture, history, customs, attractions, so you really grasp the charm of a tourist destination!


Fine Food

  • Butter、Tsampa、Du Ma、Milky tea、 Butter cake、 Meat rice gruel、Meatloaf

  • Carrageenan take the name from the shape looking like the antler. It is grown among the moss of the forest above sea level 3000 meters, di...



  • Bird Island Hotel of Qinghai Lake is seated in famous national scenic area of Bird Island, whose floor space is over 10,000 square meters and grass and trees in this courtyard are luxuriant and green.

  • Qinghai Lake Three-star Hotel located in Erlang Sword scenic spots of Qinghai Lake, attached to Qinghai Lake Travel Group Co., Ltd., opened in 2004, with 103 guest rooms, is a comprehensive service place for eating and drinking and leisure sightseeing.