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The best season for travel in Qinghai

Due to the effects of altitude and geographic latitude, annual average temperature below 0 centigrade occupied three-fifths areas of the Qinghai, except the places including the Qaidamu Basin, the Huangshui valley in Yellow River and some areas of southeastern Yangtze River have average temperature above 0 centigrade. The coldest month is January in Qinghai Province with an average temperature of -18 centigrade ~ -8 centigrade; the hottest month is July with an average temperature of 6 centigrade ~ 20xand the area of Qingnan Plateau.

Its short summer (May to September) is the best time to travel in Qinghai, which is mainly determined by its climate. Into the middle of May, prairie gradually becomes green, a variety of migratory birds begin to gather together in Qinghai Lake, and then the plateau goes into the vibrant period. July is the hottest month in Qinghai, although this time the temperature of Chaerhan in Chaidamu Basin can reach to 36 centigrade, it is also need to pay attention to the cold weather in some southern area of Qinghai, as Wudaoliang.

Summer tourism In Qinghai, the road conditions are good, but sometimes the road will be blocked by landslides and floods caused by concentrated rainfall. May to September to Qinghai, not only can enjoy the prairie, flowers, lakes and other views, but also you can see the majestic snow-capped mountains, furthermore, there are many folk activities of minority , such as "the parties for flowers " are focused in this season.

The most taboo when traveling in Qinghai is blind confidence. Because the unique geography and climate will create tremendous impact on human physiology and psychology, only in the basic understanding of the local situation, and well prepared for yourself , can appreciate more about  his uniqueness .

To some places allocated with permafrost in Qinghai, such as Kekexili region, it is easy to trap cars for the permafrost become soft in summer, so you must pay attention to preparation of the vehicle. If you want to ride bicycle access into these areas, you must select off-road vehicles with hoist, just relying on staking can bring you out.